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i made a 5 page website using xhtml , css and flash to put a side show together

i started off by learning how to use photoshop i found it abit full on there was so much information to take on i took about 50 photos and loaded them on to photo shop and i edited them i wanted the photos to be normal looking meaning not to edited

dreamwever i didnt have any trouble with becuase i have used it before but i only used it for fun but linking and loading my website together was no that hard but my main my problem was remembering that i did so i had to make lots of backups and notes

flash was  very hard but intersting to use i never knew how to use it but i have come across it may times the hard part was making the side show buttons i couldnt get them to work at first



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i always had a idea that facebook was very popular i just didnt know that it was that popular the second life is a virtual world develped by linden lab which was opened on 23rd june 2003 and it is only accessed on the internet

you can explore , socialize and meet other people which is great this is what makes it very big in the market   

but the down side to this is that people forget about the real world such as meeting  new people and going on dates but know you got the online dating website ect and the bad part is that now it is breaking up married people familys an this is becuase that it stops people from thinking of the out side world just the virtual world

the world of web

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in the photo there is all of the main servers we use online theres a book about globlaization by thomas l frideman who is a jornlist he thinks of the world being flat in the sense of globalization

the ideas i got from chris jordan

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when taking my photos i wanted to try an open my mind like chris jordan he is really good at taking a small thing like a cup and showing it in a still image in a different way to me its a great thing to show images in different ways even though my idea for my website is a bit different than what he dose but i do want the photos to have a message an a idea i want my website to inform people about what young kids are looking up to like the way chris jordan informs us


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i was told to make a side show and to post it on my blog page which i did but i found it so hard to get the side show to work so i went on to flickr where i tried to make a side show on that side but yet i just couldnt get it to work so by using a different webiste softweare called smiley box i made a side show to put in to the blog which was every easy i just had to upload all of my photos and then copy the code in to my blog which worked out very well the only thing that i hate is that it takes about 2 minutes for my side show to start

bloging, designs my over all feeling about the moduels

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welcome to world press  112mc

blogs ??? are not my thing i always found them to be boring with to much information so i found it interesting that i would have to make my own blog at first i didnt have a idea of how or where to start off. i still dont!  but i hope in time this module will show me everthing i need to know . the different types of soft wears such as photoshop, flash  and dreamweaver i would like to say that this is going to be fun but i know that it would be a lie i am not good at using computers i just about type right.


stefan sagmeister’s lecture  inclueded lots of different information about designs he is really in to designs he name and expalned why he liked the artwork such as the new york subway etc but i have to be real an say i am not big on art work so i found it refeshing to listen to someone who had such a love for it after the lecture it made me think more openly about what i am looking at on a day to day bases


the music industrys

in todays lecture i couldnt make anything out of it becuase of the 10 provovations that was mention it really didnt make any sense becuase if music is not a BUSINESS why do people go in to it and think of it as a career and music must have some valuye even if you think of it on a marketing side becuase everyone gets to know there performers threw there music which helps the performeres move on to other things such as fasion etc so on a market side there is a lot of money in music becuase thats how people know there stars name and most performers give information about there new labes or food etc threw there music

to me the provocations are one minded it could be thought off it a wider range but yet again we are puppets of the media meaning thinking for our selfs is a no no .

i dont really have a web site that i am into this is why i am finding it hard to talk about anything that is intresting in my website which i am mkaing i am finding dreamweaver to be ok the only thing that is driving me mad is the coding and its also the same for flash i have so many ideas on what i can do my webiste about but yet nothing is any good this is why i am going to go with someone that no one else is doing in all the classes i am doing my website on the bratz and how they are way to sexy for kids to be playing with i got my idea from just watching how kidz change by playing with him they no longer what to wear a long puffy dress its all about the mini skrits and tight tops to reaseach the brats i will be using the internet and books and from there i will also be talking photos the bratz to form it all in to my website the idea of my website is for it to be a topic website that as a different topic everyweek or two http://www.bratz.com/


the photo is just an idea of what i am talking about

my side show for my blog is done i didnt use flicker i used smiley box and i think it came out very well its different as all the photos i took and even some i just edited from the internet on photoshop

using flash was sooo hard i didnt know how or where to stat i forgot almost everything i leant which was no help but once i started to have a play with it i got the hang of it an i made an finished my flash side show an added it on to my website the thing what gave me the most trouble was the buttons it was hard to get them to link to each page.


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I have took it upon my self to look at the Bratz dolls which is filled with examples that seem to play on the point that the bratz are to sexy for children.
  the bratz are not only a toy its brand that is moving more up the charts with a television show an also have a movie out to buy they are everywhere while I was watching the TV show I noticed there  is more problems then just the clothes is the whole storyline they are teaching children to have clicks in school and also highlighting lots of sexual ideas in the movie and television show below is a reading of the statistics

  •  2-11 yr olds which is the bratz target audience

This group contain more than 20% of the total viewing time.

  • Estimated number of Televisions in homes: 109.6 million
  • Average time kids spend watching TV each day: 4 Hours
  • Children spend more time watching television than in any other activity except sleep.
  • 54% of kids have a TV in their bedroom.
  • 44% of kids say they watch the leading four children programmes
  • 66% of children (ages 6 to 16) surveyed say that their peers are influenced by TV shows
  • 62% say that sex on TV shows and movies that have sexual ideas in them influences kids to have sex when they are too young
  • 77% say there is too much sex before marriage on television
  • 65% say that shows like The Simpsons and Married… With Children encourage kids to disrespect parents. The fact is that the bratz television show they don’t show there parents giving them rules its makes the viewers think that they are there own boss which can hold a strong part when young people start to rebel